900x310x100mm Wall Coping
Double Pillar Cap
Pillar Cap
Pillar Cap
Pillar Cap.
900x330x100mm Wall Coping


Top and one long side sanded finish & one long edge half bullnosed.


£16 each + Vat

    Wall Coping   

Top and two long sides honed finish.


Coping to suit a 9'' wall cladded on both sides with Sperrin Clad.

 Only available with no bevelled edges.

£50 each + Vat

    Flat Pillar Caps   

Top and four sides honed finish with a 25mm bevel on top four edges.

Note: Photo is of a double cap, a 600mm cap on top of a 700mm cap.

900*900*100mm          £120 each + Vat

450*450*100mm          £40 each + Vat

   Apex Pillar Caps

All top sides honed finish.

Available in two apex heights with a base height of 80mm.

700*700*125/80mm       £100 each + Vat