Cast Iron Railings

Stewart Half Height Railing

Stirling Half Height Railing

Stewart half height railing section - £60+vat

Stewart half height joiner section - £27.50+vat

Stewart half height post - £64 +vat

Out of Stock

Stirling Full Height Railing

Stirling half height railing section - £80 +vat

Stirling half height joiner section - £36 +vat

Stirling half height post - £85 +vat

Harley Railing

Stirling full height railing - £110 +Vat

Harley railing - £110 +Vat

Harley railing post - £60 +Vat

Terrace Railing

Terrace railing - £72 +Vat

Terrace joiner post - £24 +Vat

Items are supplied primed and with a black base coat ready for final painting after installation. All cast iron is sold in an unfettled state, there may be areas where the customer may want to tidy / smooth before painting.

All prices excludes VAT, delivery and installation

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Harley Railing Post