Blue Limestone Setts & Paving

These setts look sophisticated, understated and expensive. Perfect for a country property looking to match traditional surroundings. Great for edging grassed areas, they look just delightful contrasting with bright flowers and foliage. They are subtle enough to lay over large areas and the colours really come to life when wet.

150x150x20mm Pavers
600x600x20mm Pavers
150x150x20 Pavers
600x600x20mm Pavers
150x150x20mm Pavers / soldier border
150x150x20mm Pavers staggered format
Blue Limestone Setts Door Ramp
Limestone Setts with Limestone Kerb
160x80mm Setts in staggered format.
80x80mm Setts in staggered format
80x80mm Setts
160x80mm Setts in wishbone format
200x50mm Setts in wishbone format
Mixed Setts with soldier border
160x80mm Setts with Soldier Border
200x50mm Setts in staggered format

    Setts / Cobbles   

Setts are first sawn to size, top side is then honed and next they are tumbled to round edges and give a distressed look.

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160x80x40mm @ £40M² + Vat

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80x80x40mm @ £40M² + Vat

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200x50x40mm @ £40M² + Vat


Pavers can have either a honed or flamed finish, with a sawn or a sawn / tumbled edge.

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150x150x20mm @ £31M² + Vat
300x300x20mm @ £33M² + Vat
Below sizes not available tumbled
600x600x20mm @ £33M² + Vat
900x600x20mm @ £33M² + Vat

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Please note: Setts shown above are suitable for pedestrian use only, deeper setts required for vehicular traffic.       Setts can be made to customers specifications.

 Please contact for delivery costs.